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Online classes for 1 to 3rd calss is valid without syllabus and those are not capable for laptop and internet facility in some school in jaipur like saint tersa school , Jhotwara

ये सूचना सेंट टेरेसा स्कूल से अपने 1 से 3 क्लास के स्टूडेंट्स को भेजा है ,क्या ये कदम सही दिशा में

क्या तीसरी क्लास का स्टूडेंट इतना समझदार है कि वो इसको फॉलो कर पाएगा वो भी बिना बुक्स ओर नोटबुक


2 क्या सभी के पास लैपटॉप ओर नेट सुविधा है ?

3 कुछ स्टूडेंट अपने होम टाउन चले गए हैं वो क्या करे

4 क्या ये स्कूल द्वारा अपनी अप्रैल कि फीस वसूल करने का तरीका नहीं है

ऐसा बहुत स्कूल हैं जो अपना धंधा जारी रखना चाहते हैं

जयपुर के ही एक सेंट टेरेसा स्कूल का नीचे सूचना दी गई है क्या ये सही इस मुश्किल वक्त में जब लोगो के पास खाने के पैसे नहीं है उनकी जॉब चली गई है

क्या राजस्थान के सीएम अशोक गहलोत इस पर शिकंजा

कसेंगे या गुंडागर्दी जारी रहेगी

Dear Parents,

Due to ongoing lockdown implemented by the Government because of corona virus outbreak, the school has planned to start online classes for its students from Monday, 30th March 2020.

These classes will be conducted daily, except Sunday, from 9:00am to 12:00noon.

Distance learning will keep them connected with their teachers and learning will take place everyday.

Teachers will also be giving assignments to students and once the school reopens they will be asked to submit these assignments. These assignments will also be a part of the Internal Assessment and marks will be given accordingly.

The daily schedule for these classes will be –
9:00-9:40 – MATHS
9:40-10:15 – S. St
10:15-10:50 – HINDI
10:50-11:25 – ENGLISH
11:25-12:00- SCIENCE

1. After every lecture 10 minutes will be given to the students to ask their doubts/queries, if any.
2. Students have to follow the time table, above schedule, very strictly.
3. Students are supposed to be online during the above mentioned timings.
4. Students may use notebooks of their previous class for the assignments.
5. After 12:00noon no queries will be entertained. All queries should be asked through WhatsApp only, hence no phone calls will be entertained.

Note: Please do not send daily greetings or non-academic messages in this WhatsApp group.

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